Founder & National President – Karamjit Singh Dhaliwal

Founder & National President – Karamjit Singh Dhaliwal

IMG_2299Karamjit Singh Dhaliwal – A New York resident for over 2 decades, Very successful businessman, Outstanding community leader and Founder & National President  of “Malwa Brothers Organization of USA”.

Karamjit Singh Dhaliwal, immigrated from India in 1987. A current resident of Glendale, NY, his 2 decades of experience includes his success in various areas of real estate and gas stations. His burning desire to help the community is fondly expressed by his selfless dedication and on-going services to the community.

Karamjit is a current member of Community Board 5. He is also a sponsor of the Memorial Day Parade of Glendale for the last 3 years. He has been a member of the Kiwins Club for the last 2 years. He runs the food pantry for a couple of local churches, donating food supplies and always offers a helping hand in situations of natural calamities and need.

Karamjit’s helping nature and intense desire of giving back to the community inspired him to start “Malwa Brothers Organization of USA” in 2006 with the goal of has serving and helping various homeless and needy people across the nation as well as back home in India. Under his Founding leadership and National Presidency, “Malwa Brothers Organization of USA” has spread its roots across the United States namely  in the Tri-State Area as well states of  California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut etc. and offers services across the nation as well as in various rural parts of India.

The roots of his community services also extend back home where he has organized and facilitated wedding expenses of several poor and downtrodden women of the community, organized several health fairs, eye camps, medical services and a varied services to the community. – especially for the women and children of underdeveloped rural areas.

Karamjit has played a vital role in supporting main stream as well as back home politics. Under his guidance and leadership, he has organized and supported several fund raisers for local politicians not limited to Vice President Joe Biden, Mayor Bill De Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo and several others. He has also taken deep interest in back home politics thereby striving to help a strong community bonding.

Karamjit has received several honors and felicitations for his outstanding community services and contributions.

  • Honored for 4 consecutive years at the “Allied Veteran Memorial Committee of Ridgewood and Glendale”
  • Honored for sponsoring the Memorial Day Parade of Glendale since 2013.
  • Honored at several prestigious organizations like South Asian 4 Better New York, Local churches etc. for his community services

The community is proud to have such a young and strong community leader, with a diversified experience and vision.